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2022 Insights 

The past, present and future of sustainability linked loans

We examine some key considerations for borrowers and fund managers when using sustainability linked loans

03 Oct 2022

Alternative funds: 2022 so far

The year may have been an uncertain ride for fund managers, but the emergence of longer-term trends adds some much-needed context.

15 Sep 2022

QAHC regime

The UK has made itself a more attractive place for funds by implementing the Qualifying Asset Holding Companies regime, we explore why.

08 Sep 2022

Managing funds as uncertainty bites

How are macroeconomic pressures affecting alternative asset funds, and how can fund managers respond to the new market dynamics?

08 Sep 2022

Greenwashing: what’s next for regulators

Bradley Davidson, ESG Lead at RBS International, looks at the ways regulators are dealing with greenwashing, and how the debate is shifting.

07 Sep 2022

The risks of greenwashing

In the first of a two-part Q&A series, Bradley Davidson, ESG Lead at RBS International, explains the dangers of greenwashing for funds and investors.

02 Sep 2022

Hedging strategies during inflation

Hedging is a key part of portfolio management. Dave Ramasawmy, Head of Markets at RBS International, offers some insights.

02 Sep 2022

Monthly UK Economic Outlook: August

Our economists share their views on the key economic trends to watch in the month ahead.

05 Aug 2022

Consolidation in alternative funds

As alternative funds gain popularity, the sector is seeing the rapid rise and fall of funds, and higher levels of consolidation.

22 Jul 2022

Carbon markets how do they work?

Voluntary carbon offsets allow funds to offset unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits delivered through projects that avoid greenhouse gases.

22 Jul 2022

Depositary Insights Summer 2022

Welcome to Depositary Insights Summer 2022 edition which offers the latest thinking on regulatory and industry developments from NatWest TDS.

18 Jul 2022

H1 expectations and events

At the end of 2021 many firms plans will have logically built on the major existing themes but geopolitical forces in 2022 have impacted plans.

18 Jul 2022