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ESG & Sustainability

Science-based targets: data hurdles and regulatory demands

ESG experts at KPMG UK explore the role of private equity firms in steering businesses towards more sustainable practices to transition to a low carbon economy and the challenges they face.

22 Nov 2023

Real estate funds and the challenge of science-based targets.

Paul Sutcliffe, founder and Chief Operating Officer sustainability consultancy Evora, shares his thoughts on the importance of investors talking early action to mitigate future risks and how to overcome the challenges.

02 Nov 2023

Scope 3 emissions reporting: What's in store for fund managers

Scope 3 emissions, often seen as the ‘hidden emissions’ within an organisation’s carbon footprint, are ultimately the most impactful area that alternative investment funds can influence and have the greatest effect on change.

02 Nov 2023

Why alternative investment funds should remain committed to SBTs

Our commisioned ESG research report explores the opinions of 125 influencers in alternative investment funds to see progress made in adopting SBTs given worsening economic conditions.

Fund Finance

Monthly UK Economic Outlook: November

Our economists share their views on the key economic trends to watch in the month ahead.

22 Nov 2023

Navigating Liquidity Strategies: The Role of Deposits

Shedding light on the fundamental concepts of deposits, exploring their relevance to liquidity management, and discussing how base rate fluctuations may influence the landscape. While deposits serve as a critical financial tool for all customer types, our focus here is on the significance for alternative investment funds.

16 Oct 2023

Monthly UK Economic Outlook: September

Our economists share their views on the key economic trends to watch in the month ahead.

12 Sep 2023

Fund Governance

Depositary Insights March 23

Welcome to the latest edition of Depositary Insights which offers the latest thinking on regulatory and industry developments from NatWest Trustee and Depositary Services.

22 Mar 2023

Liquidity in the spotlight

The economic downturn, war in Ukraine and the aftermath of the UK government’s mini-budget have coalesced to ramp up the regulatory focus on fund liquidity.

21 Mar 2023

Post-Brexit relocation: Opportunities and challenges for fund managers

Brexit caused many UK fund managers to head to Europe, but with the UK government now taking active steps to support domestic financial services, a two-way trend of relocations looks set to continue.

21 Mar 2023

Podcast series: A Just Transition 

Series 3, Episode 1: ESG regulation for private funds

We’re joined by guest Tonia Plakhotniuk as our focus turns to the ESG regulatory landscape facing private funds.

16 Oct 2023

Series 2, Episode 6: How do you implement ESG strategies?

We’re joined by guest Gary Kendall, as our focus turns to the implementation of ESG strategies and the need to track action rather than targets.

16 Nov 2022

Series 2, Episode 5: The SDGs: How is the UK doing?

We're joined by guest Jessica Lobo from the UN Global Compact Network UK to discuss their report 'Measuring Up 2.0' and how the UK is performing on the SDGs.

31 Oct 2022