eQ online banking

Multi-currency solution for your banking needs

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Introducing eQ

How could eQ help your business?

Secure and easy to use, eQ gives you visibility and control of your accounts. Capable of managing balances on large numbers of accounts, with an expert support team, eQ is self-service banking that's designed with you in mind.

Why use eQ?

With eQ you can control access and permissions for individual users. Its simplified navigation, advanced search capabilities and the ability to customise screens to suit your needs makes eQ easy to use.

Set up payees and manage payments

Set up, manage and store your payees and beneficiaries and carry out all your domestic sterling and multi-currency payments.

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Manage Deposits

Get indicative rates for deposits in multiple currencies and place funds on the required fixed term including our 35, 60 and 90 day Notice deposits. 

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Real time indicative rates and FX trading

Access real time indicative rates across multiple currencies, view and transact single and multiple FX trades.

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eQ Mobile

eQ Mobile is the mobile app companion to our eQ online banking. It allows users to log in to eQ online banking, view accounts and check balances. eQ payment authorisers can approve batches of payments on the move.

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Open accounts online using eQ

Open accounts using eQ with our easy step by step process. Once initiated, you can track the application progress online.

Account criteria apply.

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eQ help and support

eQ Support Centre

Visit our eQ Support centre for answers to frequently asked questions, using your eQ card reader and information on scheduled downtimes.

Existing eQ customers

You can contact the eQ Helpdesk using Web Chat on eQ online banking or email us on:


The eQ Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Excluding Bank holidays).

How to get access to eQ

eQ is our self service banking platform for institutional banking customers. To gain access to eQ you need to be or become a customer. 

Please tell us where your banking relationship is or will be based and we will put you in touch with the right team.