Cards & Payments

Intuitive ways of managing expenses and cash flow

Explore OneCard and card management tools

RBS International OneCard

Control business purchases and manage your expenses

RBS International OneCard gives you the flexibility to control purchases and manage expenses for an annual fee of £45 per card.

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Take control of your card account

ClearSpend is a free service which gives card customers control of their account in real-time and lets employees check their balance on the go. 

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Card Management

Online tools to analyse expenditure

Whether you want access to transaction information or the ability to see your organisation's spending patterns, we have the solutions you need.

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eQ - our multi-currency online banking solution

With so many different accounts and transactions, meeting your business requirements and clients’ needs can be a time-consuming challenge. That’s why our experts focused on designing and delivering a resource to help.

The result is eQ, our multi-currency online banking solution, that's designed to meet your international and domestic banking needs. 

Domestic and international payment options in a range of currencies

Maximise cash flow and streamline procurement by making payments reliably, quickly and flexibly using our efficient processing solutions. 

A choice of payment solutions to help you make or receive payments domestically and internationally in a range of currencies.

  • BACs
  • Faster Payments
  • International transfers