Institutional Banking

Who we are

Why our institutional banking service is the right fit for you

We build long-term partnerships, working collaboratively to understand your needs and create tailored solutions to help you grow and prosper. From transactional banking to fund financing to depositary services, all through one point of contact. We’ll bring you ideas to help you manage your money, and be there when you need a financial sounding board. 

We also deliver ease of banking through our multi-currency banking platform, eQ, which allows you to move and manage money in the same way you would with your personal online banking.

Restless Innovation

We constantly think about what more we can do for your business now, and look to the industry’s future to help you plan what next.

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A Seamless Service

No matter where our technology goes, human relationships will always be at the heart of our business. We match you to a relationship director who’s best suited to your needs. 

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A Future-proof Footprint

Our footprint matches yours. We’re where you need us to be now and we’ve got an eye out for where you’ll need us in the future.

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A trusted partner for your business

Our expertise spans the alternative investment funds industry and we have developed strong relationships and partnerships with fund managers, asset managers, fund administrators and other corporate service providers.

With over 200 dedicated professionals working across our locations, you’ll get personal support from a local expert. 

Tailored to your needs

We’ll match you with a relationship director who’ll be your single point of contact for anything you need from us. You'll get timely decisions from a trusted partner and they’ll act as a financial sounding board bringing you ideas to generate more business and returns for your clients and investors.

Our solutions

  • Banking
  • Financing
  • Depositary Services
  • Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Interest Rate & Liquidity Risk Management
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Our Locations

With offices in Jersey, Guernsey, London, Luxembourg, Isle of Man and Gibraltar, we have teams on the ground where you need us to be. So you’ll get personal support from a local expert. And we’ve got an eye out for where you’ll need us in the future. 

Our multi-currency online banking solution

eQ is designed to meet your international and domestic banking needs. Capable of managing balances on large numbers of accounts with the ability to transact and manage your deposit and FX requirements. Secure and easy to use,

with an expert support team, eQ is self-service banking that’s designed with you in mind.

eQ Online Banking

Some of eQ's key capabilities include:

  • Visibility and control of your accounts
  • Customisable page views and advanced search capabilities
  • Multi-browser accessibility, compatible for both Windows and Mac devices
  • Open accounts online for a faster, more transparent process
  • eQ mobile app to help you manage your banking on the go
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Keeping you up-to-date with our expert insights

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