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Use eQ to open your accounts online

eQ offers our customers a quick and simple way of opening accounts online. With clear processes, easy to understand requirements and the ability to save applications as you go, eQ could help you open accounts faster.

Benefits of opening accounts using eQ

  • Easy step by step process
  • Clear data and documents requirements
  • Once you have started opening an account you can save your progress and complete it later
  • Track the application progress online
  • Reuse data or documents from previous account applications

How to open accounts online using eQ

This video tutorial will help guide you through the eQ Account Opening process.

Common questions

Need more information on how to open accounts online using eQ? Find help and support in our common questions section.

Luxembourg account opening

This video will guide you through the various stages of Luxembourg account opening for incorporated entities and for entities under incorporation.

How to use existing Key Principals or Structures

This video tutorial shows you how to use an existing key principal or existing structure in your new application.

How to work through a re-assigned application

In this video we'll show you how to work through an application assigned back to you by the bank.

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