Can alternative investment funds accelerate the transition to net zero?

Our newly released report explores the opinions of 125 key influencers in the alternative investment funds industry to understand the extent to which they are adopting science-based targets (SBTs) and the barriers blocking their path. 

COP26 provided a stark reminder of the investment gap in climate initiatives, placing mounting pressure on banks and other financial institutions to invest in the transition to net zero. 

Alternative investment fund managers can play a key role in contributing positively to decarbonising the global economy. 

The path ahead is not simple, however. To facilitate climate positive investments in a meaningful way, financial services firms must first adhere to a shared framework. The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) provides such a framework . Yet, while much attention has so far focussed on corporates, funds are playing catch up.

With this challenge in mind, we surveyed 125 influencers across the alternative investment funds industry to find out the state of play in the market. Are funds looking to adopt SBTs? If not, why not? And how can they put in place a clear roadmap for the future? 

Our report sets out to provide the answers.

Watch the key findings from the report in our video below

How we can help

As a financial institution we face many of the same challenges as funds and if understanding our sustainability journey can help you to map out your own, we encourage you to  get in touch. Relationship management teams and our in-house ESG specialists are dedicated to supporting your business and we welcome discussions at all stages of development. We look forward to working with our customers and peers to set clear and meaningful targets that support the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

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