S3, Ep2: Science-based targets and barriers to implementation

We’re joined by guest Paul Sutcliffe from sustainability consultancy Evora as our focus turns to the adoption of science-based targets in the current economic environment.

Paul Sutcliffe

Founder & chief operating officer, Evora Global

23 minute listen time 

In our latest episode we revisit the topic of science-based targets (SBTs), with our guest Paul Sutcliffe, founder and Chief Operating Officer, at sustainability consultancy Evora. In March 2023, RBS International investigated the impact of the changing economic climate on the adoption of SBTs by alternative funds and the research highlighted three key barriers to implementation: time to implement, pressure from regulators and measurement. We delve deeper into each of them, while looking at how these challenges can be optimised through understanding and effective planning.

Take a look at our SBT hub and learn more. 

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