Why alternative investment funds should remain committed to SBTs

We look at the views of 125 influencers in alternative investment funds to see progress made in adopting science-based targets (SBTs) given worsening economic conditions.

Has economic uncertainty slowed progress towards net zero?

Our latest research reveals that the urgency among alternative investment funds (AIFs) to adopt science-based targets has dimmed since last year. But their long-term commitment to net zero is unchanged. 

AIFs have a key role to play in the decarbonisation of the global economy. Last year, we showed that many see SBTs as a valuable framework with which to align their portfolios with global net zero goals.

But how has the economic uncertainty of the last year affected their progress in adopting SBTs? To find out, we surveyed 125 key influencers in the alternative investment funds industry again earlier this year.

The survey revealed that worsening economic conditions have provided an additional barrier to the adoption of SBTs since last year, and that the urgency among AIFs who have yet to implement them has slowed. 

But the industry’s strategic commitment to net zero is unchanged. As our report explores, AIFs should maintain their focus on SBTs this year to ensure their long-term ESG investment goals can be achieved.

Watch the key findings from the report in our video below

How we can help with your journey to net zero

At RBS International, part of NatWest Group, we’ve made tackling climate change a strategic priority and continue to champion a more sustainable economy for the customers and communities we serve. 

We recognise that the transition must be a collaborative effort, and supporting our customers in their own journey to net zero sits at the heart of our purpose-led strategy.

We believe that open dialogue is a key enabler of future success, and we share our own experiences readily as all financial institutions grapple with the complex and pervasive impact of climate change. 

We encourage you to get in touch with either your Relationship Director or our in-house ESG specialists to find out more.



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