The ESG Brief: June 2022

The ESG brief is a new additon to our Just Transition ESG podcast series.

By Bradley Davidson

ESG Lead

5 minute listen time

The integration of ESG shows no sign of slowing down so each month we will bring you a brief five minute update on all the latest ESG news hosted by Bradley Davidson, ESG Lead at RBS International.

Release date: Tuesday 28th June


Latest insights

Carbon trading how does it work?

Voluntary carbon offsets allow funds to offset unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits delivered through projects that avoid greenhouse gases.

28 Jul 2022

Consolidation in alternative funds

As alternative funds gain popularity, the sector is seeing the rapid rise and fall of funds, and higher levels of consolidation.

22 Jul 2022

Depositary Insights Summer 2022

Welcome to Depositary Insights Summer 2022 edition which offers the latest thinking on regulatory and industry developments from NatWest TDS.

18 Jul 2022