Series 1 Episode 2: The journey towards net zero

We look at the white paper, ‘powering our net zero future’ and ask what does this look like in practice and are funds clear on the part they have to play?

By Bradley Davidson

ESG Lead

15 minute listen time

Hosted by Bradley Davidson, ESG Lead at RBS International and Tim Phillips, in this episode we are joined by guest James Armstrong, Managing Partner at Bluefield Partners, as we chat about how the UK further strengthens it’s position as a leading global financial hub as it ‘builds back better’ to ensure a greener recovery. What impact Brexit and the UK financial services as yet unspecified relationship with European markets have on the aim of a greener recovery? And we look at the energy white paper, ‘powering our net zero future’ - and consider what does this look like in practice, and are funds clear on the part they have to play?

Release date: Monday 2nd August


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