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Depositary Insights March 2021

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Welcome to the March edition of Depositary Insights, which offers the latest thinking on regulatory and industry developments from NatWest Trustee and Depositary Services

Now that the Brexit transition period has come to an end and the UK has left the European Union, regulators are focussing their attention on the future. The competitiveness of the UK is becoming increasingly important and the UK Funds Review is the first insight in terms of future direction of travel as regulators continue to address the important strategic issues of Covid-19 recovery, liquidity and ESG.

The articles in this edition are each connected to these themes. The industry has the opportunity to shape its future, working with regulators to come up with solutions that provide investors with the solutions they need whilst also improving investor protection.

At NWTDS we are also committed to working with ACDs and fund boards to drive forward governance standards within the industry.

We hope you find the topics contained in this edition to be a helpful guide as we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of 2021. We welcome your feedback as to how we can improve future editions or on topics for inclusion.

Articles in this edition:

  • Review of the UK funds regime: wide-ranging but cohesive
  • 2021: a “tipping point” for transparency on Responsible Investing
  • Liquidity and the Long Term Asset Fund
  • The Dormant Assets Scheme: what to expect next.
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Review of the UK Funds Regime

On 26 January 2021 HM Treasury published its call for input on the future of the UK funds regime. The government has stated that it aims to make the UK a more attractive place for setting up, administering and managing funds.

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2021: a “tipping point” for transparency on Responsible Investing

2021 is set to be a “tipping point” year for Responsible Investing in the investment industry: this was the consensus at Natwest Trustee and Depositary Services’ ESG-focussed webinar held at the turn of the year.

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Liquidity and the Long-Term Asset Fund

In 2020 the UK regulators turned their attention to liquidity matters – particularly the issue of liquidity mismatch in open ended property funds. 

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The Dormant Assets Scheme

On 09 January 2021 the UK Government published its response to the four-year review of the Dormant Assets Scheme.

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