Payment Services Directive 2

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

We’re introducing SCA to help reduce online fraud

With the increasing amount of payments being made online, using contactless or through online banking, this extra protection will help customers stay safe and secure.

What is Strong Customer Authentication(SCA)?

SCA, also referred to as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) means authentication is based on the use of two or more of the follow elements:

  • Knowledge: something only you know for example, a password or PIN.
  • Possession: something only you have for example, a mobile phone.
  • Inherence: something unique to you for example, fingerprints.

If one of these elements is compromised, it won't affect the others as 2FA is designed to protect you.

We’ll never contact you unexpectedly to ask for your PIN, full password or to move money to another account. You should only give out personal or financial details if you’re using a service and are expecting that service provider to contact you.