eQ Mobile - for eQ payment authorisers

The companion mobile app for eQ online banking

eQ Mobile app is available to eQ online banking customers using a compatible Apple iPhone. Touch ID & Face ID are available on selected Apple devices.

What is eQ Mobile?

eQ Mobile is the mobile app companion to our eQ online banking allowing eQ payment authorisers to approve batches of payments on the move. 

eQ Mobile is available for Apple iPhones with operating system version 12.4 or above.

Key features of the app

  • eQ payment authorisers can approve batches of payments on the move
  • Quick and easy setup with your existing eQ credentials
  • Once registered, there is no need for a smartcard and reader

Support for eQ Mobile

Common questions

Having difficulties registering for eQ Mobile? Need information about how to authorise payments?

Find help and support in our common questions section.

Existing eQ customers

If you already use eQ and need further assistance please email the eQ Helpdesk.

eQ Helpdesk email: eQHelpDesk@rbsint.com

The eQ Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (Excluding UK Bank Holidays).

How to download the app

To register for eQ Mobile you require:

  • An Apple iPhone with operating system version 12.4 or above
  • Authoriser level and eQ Mobile permissions activated within eQ
  • eQ smartcard and reader

To download the app:

  1. Search for eQ Mobile in the Apple App Store
  2. Install the app on one device only
  3. Register your connections using your smart card and reader