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Independent depositary services
UK & Luxembourg

Protecting funds. Protecting end investors.

We are the largest provider of independent trustee and depositary services in the UK and have a growing business in Luxembourg - overseeing how funds are managed, and keeping investors' assets safe. We operate in both the traditional (UCITS) and alternative fund markets, see our full list of asset types here.

Why us?

Our independence

Trustee and Depositary services is all we do. That means our sole purpose is making sure your investors' money is being looked after, with no bundling and no conflicts of interest.

Our scale

We're the biggest independent depositary service provider in the UK, with c30% of the market*, and have a growing business in Luxembourg. With our experience, our AUM levels and our broad client base, you know that whatever the size and shape of your fund, we can handle it.

Our scope

Our experience and size means we have the breadth of knowledge to support a wide range of asset types. 

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Peter Christmas

Director, Client Management

Mob: +44 (0)7764 524 715


Amelia Phillips

Head of Alternatives, Luxembourg

Tel: +352 691 256 003



Robert Jarvis

Business Development Director

Tel: +352 691 370 102

Where we're based

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London and Edinburgh

NatWest Trustee and Depositary Services Limited
Level 3
440 Strand


House A, Floor 0
175 Glasgow Road
EH12 1HQ

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RBS International Depositary Services
The Square
40 Avenue J.F. Kennedy 

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Read or download a summary of how NatWest Trustee & Depositary Services Limited has met its' Best Execution requirements in 2020, in accordance with the relevant regulation and its’ Client Order Execution Policy.

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