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Careful planning and practice

We can help you implement a robust liquidity risk management strategy to preserve cash flow while making the most of your funds.

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Notice Deposits

35 Day Notice Deposit
The 35 Day Notice Deposit allows you to earn higher returns on surplus funds without having to lock them away for an extended period.

Balance Gross p.a. (variable) AER (variable)
Sterling £0+ Sterling 0.26% Sterling 0.26%
US Dollar $0+ US Dollar 0.35% US Dollar 0.35%
Euro €0+ Euro 0.00% Euro 0.00%

Rates effective from 20th April 2020 and are subject to variation

  • Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly in March, June, September and December and at account closure
  • You’ll be able to see the interest credited to the 35 Day Notice deposit by the following business day
  • Interest is paid on a flat basis which means you earn one rate on your entire account balance


Annual Equivalent Rate (AER)
illustrates the interest rate if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.

Gross Rate the interest rate you are paid.

p.a per annum (per year).

Common questions

How does Notice Deposit work?
You can manage your deposit in branch, in writing or by telephone.

  • Please note that if you do not already maintain a Business Treasury Cash Management account one is required to be opened when applying for a 35 Day Notice deposit
  • The deposit operates on a notice basis; interest is paid at the applicable rate until a minimum 35 days notice of withdrawal is instructed
  • Once notice has been provided, the amount, to which the notice applies, is placed on a 35 Day Fixed Term Deposit. The Fixed Term Deposit interest rate on this amount will be in line with rates for that term and balance applicable on the day. (This could be a negative rate)
  • Upon maturity of the Fixed Term Deposit the balance plus any earned interest will be credited to the Cash Management account from where it can be withdrawn.

Please speak to your Relationship Director for further details.

Can the interest rate change?

Yes, the rate is variable; the 35 Day Notice Deposit rate can increase or decrease. If the rates go down, we'll give you at least 35 days' notice. If they are going up, we'll give you notice either before the change happens or as soon as possible afterwards.

The Fixed Term Deposit rate remains the same for the full 35 day fixed term.

Can I withdraw money?
Yes - subject to a minimum 35 days' notice of withdrawal. Early withdrawals are not permitted. The notice period is effective from the date of receipt of the instruction to withdraw. If we receive your instruction after 12.00 pm or on a non business day, notice will commence on the next working day.

Is there a minimum and a maximum deposit and withdrawal amount?

  • There is a £25,000 (or currency equivalent) minimum deposit requirement to open and maintain. This is not applicable to online transactions made through eQ
  • There is a £250 million (or currency equivalent), maximum deposit per customer
  • The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is £25,000 or currency equivalent. This is not applicable to online transactions made through eQ.

Money Market Deposit

Our Markets teams provide a proactive Money Market service to help you manage your investments, liquidity and cash flow. Their services include:

  • Short-term investment products, liquidity management techniques and investment portfolios
  • Worldwide expertise to help you access cost effective sources of short term funding
  • A full range of currencies and maturities at both fixed and floating rates
  • An extensive choice of structured deposit and money market solutions

Foreign Exchange

Our Markets team work closely with you to deliver tailored solutions for your foreign exchange risk management needs including:

  • Hedging, investment and structuring solutions in over 30 currencies
  • Execution of large-scale transactions
  • A market-leading foreign exchange volatility database
  • Individual briefings from our team of economists and analysts
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