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eQ card reader

eQ card reader

Help when logging in to eQ with my new smartcard and reader

Why are we improving our security?

The European Union has issued new regulations to improve the security of payments services and payments processing throughout Europe, which we fully support.  Known as SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).  These new regulations, have to be implemented by all financial institutions that operate within the European Union, but the benefit of this additional security is clear, so we as financial instruction will be rolling it out across our services internationally.

Its important to advise you that we consider all changes to our services in great detail, looking at the impact on both you and the eQ service.  In some cases the benefits are not clear, as is often the case when we take steps to improve our security. 

In this case, the EU has taken valid and sensible steps to improve security and stay one step ahead of both national and international security threats and as a bank we fully support these steps and recognise the benefits they deliver.

Therefore NatWest Group have taken the decision to implement this enhanced level of security across all its banking operations, nationally and internationally.  Evidence has shown that those who fall behind improving their security standards become targets of security attacks, a situation the bank refuses to put you or its service into.

The bank strongly believes that its approach to security should be a pro-active response and therefore has and will continue to take all necessary measure to remain a leader in the financial sector.

7 steps to logging in using your new smartcard and reader...
Frequently asked questions

The camera on my card reader isn’t working. What should I do?

  1. Enter your login credentials on the log in screen
  2. You will be presented with a pop-up ‘security’ box which displays a QR code
  3. Select the option ‘The camera on my card reader isn’t working’, a challenge code will be displayed on screen
  4. Insert your smartcard into the reader, the camera on the reader will automatically switch on. If the reader has switched off, re-insert the smartcard into the reader to re-activate the camera.
  5. Press the "MENU" button
  6. Press "1" to select “Sign (manual entry)” 
  7. Enter the challenge code displayed online into the reader and press ‘OK’
  8. When prompted, enter the smartcard PIN into the reader and press ‘OK’. The PIN is required to authenticate the challenge code log in request
  9. A response code will be generated on the reader. Enter the response code into the online form and select ‘Continue’ to log in  

I entered my smartcard PIN incorrectly on the reader too many times. What should I do?

Check you have the correct smartcard and associated PIN details.

If you enter the PIN incorrectly too many times, your smartcard will be locked. The PIN cannot be reset, please contact your System Administrator to order a new smartcard and PIN 

I have forgotten my smartcard PIN. What should I do?

The PIN cannot be reset, please contact your System Administrator to order a new smartcard and PIN. 

My card reader shows the message ‘card locked’. What should I do?

If you have entered the PIN incorrectly too many times, your smartcard will be locked. The PIN cannot be reset, please contact your System Administrator to order a new smartcard and PIN.

How do I activate my new smartcard?

Your smartcard will be automatically activated the first time you successfully use it to log in or authorise a payment.

Payment authorisers must ensure their smartcard is enabled for payment authorisation by contacting the eQ Helpdesk.

Who do I contact if I believe I have been a victim of fraud or a scam?

If you suspect that you have been the victim of fraud or a scam, please contact your local Corporate Services Team as soon as possible. You may also want to advise your Relationship Director.

You can also contact the Fraud Team on 01534 282747 (from abroad +44 1534 282747), who are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (Excluding UK Bank Holidays). Calls may be recorded.

The log in screen says login information invalid. What should I do?

Check your details are correct and re-enter your login details. If you are still having trouble logging in then contact your System Administrator for help.

The response code I am entering into eQ to authorise a batch of payments is not being accepted. What should I do?

If you are experiencing unexplained errors when using your smartcard, this could be down to a synchronisation issue with your smartcard. Please contact the eQ Helpdesk who may ask you to scan this QR code and talk you through the next steps.

eQ QR code

eQ QR code

Please note: You should only scan this QR code when advised to do so by the eQ Helpdesk.

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Visit our eQ Support centre for answers to frequently asked questions or to find out how to contact the eQ Helpdesk.

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