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Electronic transfers

Receive money from overseas
into your offshore account

When you need to receive currency and sterling payments from abroad, this is the fastest and most secure method.

  • Security - the sender's bank issues electronic payment instructions to a bank - preferably RBS International. The money is then paid into your account
  • Speed - the funds are received from overseas as quickly as possible. This will be either on the value date or, if this is not possible, on the next possible value date
  • Simplicity - reduce the paperwork required for cheque and draft payments
  • Low cost - pay 1 to receive payments up to 100 or the foreign currency equivalent. We charge 7 to receive payments over 100 or currency equivalent
  • Currency conversion - if the currency of the payment and the currency of your account are different, we simply convert sums of under the equivalent of 25,000

Euro payments - information you'll need to provide

  • Our name in full: The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited
  • Our SWIFT address: RBOSGB2L
  • Your account name and number. This needs to be an IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This is not the same as your normal bank account number. Your branch can give you the details

Non-euro payments - information you'll need to provide

  • Our name in full
  • Your branch sort code
  • Your branch name and address
  • Your account name and number or identifier

Next steps

To find out more - and make your payment - simply pop into one of our branches.